Presented by:
Nature Morte &
India International Centre
at IIC Art Gallery, New Delhi
March 8th to 17th, 2004
  Tender Touch 1-4
This is an exhibition of digital prints based on images that have their beginnings in medical science, and are formed when light, or other forms of energy, enter matter, such that it lays bare its inner structure. However, by placing these images in a different context and working upon them with tools made available by digital technology, new possibilities emerge.
The prefix ‘trans-’, with its root in Latin, means ‘across… through… beyond…’ The present body of work does not see ‘translucence’ only in relation to light but allows the mind to ride that beam going beyond the familiar, and into its own depths. It finds that beauty is indiscriminating. It resides everywhere. Even where we least expect to find it! Looking without a preconditioning of the mind one finds that nothing is just itself. Forms link themselves to other forms; things hide in other things, waiting to be found. Everything points to, and signifies something else thereby pushing both language and meaning.
The human body is not just the tool or medium through which we experience the world but also the first and basic reference in relation to which we measure and understand everything. In looking inside the human body, one finds that tenderness has as much to do with pain as with pleasure. Loving and hurting wrap themselves around each other; desire, gratification, strength, vulnerability, decay and regeneration are all tossed together. The body reflects the universe, and becomes one itself.
In the digital realm of images, the computer provides absolute control allowing one to enter the image and work pixel by pixel. There are varying degrees of intervention in the works presented -- from extensive, right down to the very minimal. Art is as much about discovery and perception as it is about making and creating. The computer can sometimes offer too much but working with restraint, using it like a very basic tool, only the simplest of devices have been used to let the mind shape its will.
  Inner Aliens 1-4
The works in the exhibition span the last three to four years. They explore the subjective and objective, and attempt to merge them. They look simultaneously inwards and outwards, at the near and the far, the micro and the macro, the material and imaginary, creating space for the mind to make newer connections, thereby presenting new ways of perceiving and understanding reality.  
  - Ashok Ahuja
  Mystical Writings 1-3