The Third Race

ASHOK AHUJA has written, produced, and directed two National and International award winning feature films, Aadharshila, and Vasundhara. He has been a Senior Fellow in Residence at the Harvard University Center for the Study of World Religions. He also works with digital images and computer animation. The Third Race is his first book.

The central character of this fable is a little tortoise making his first long journey alone. His destination is the 'Source of all Stories' his grandmotherthe 'original' storyteller.

He sets his sights on the sun and the stars, following their crossings while the sky and earth watch over him, lending their expanse to his eventful journey. His encounters along the way, with a bird, a fish, a snail, a flower, a rock… help us understand our place in this world. Through the dialogue between the past and the present, Time unfolds itself, laying bare for our consideration, many of the most fundamental issues of our time, and of all time.

At the heart of The Third Race is Totu, the little tortoise, but this is not his story. It is a story of the river that flows as it must, in order to be itself. No, this is not a book of wisdom; only a chronicle of a journey. It is a tale of awe and of wonder, with a range of emotions, taking us across the thin line that often separates confusion and despair, from faith and hope.


ISBN 81 7046 247 9

Published: 2004

Hard Cover, 74 pp

Large format: 9 X 9 inches

Printed on natural-shade paper.

Post-printing, each copy is individually hand-crafted for a unique finish.

Price: Rs 400

published by:

Seagull Books


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