The Third Race



A truly fascinating first Book! Covering just 70 pages each word has been so carefully chosen and is so full of meaning that when you reach the end of the little tortoise’s journey in search of himself, testing the veracity of all that he believes in, you feel you have been through a timeless span of life itself.

It is a fable full of symbolism, aesthetically written with almost a child-like simplicity, yet is intensely profound. As the story unfolds through conversations that Totu engages in with his family, with the characters he meets on his journey and finally through his Grandma’s powerful narration of the second race of the Hare and the Tortoise, touching our heart strings, we are taken almost imperceptibly to the Third Race—the conflict between fantasy and reality; between truth and untruth, between good and evil.

It poses before us as a fable should, many timeless questions about the purpose of our lives and the role that ‘Tortoises’ can play in the complexities of our contemporary society.

Grandmother’s narration completed, Totu asleep, the dispersing clouds uncovering the stars glittering in the sky, the Book takes us beyond our disillusionments and agonies and leaves us on a note of hope and faith in the ultimate triumph of all that is good.

This is a book for people of all ages who, in spite of all odds, still keep alive in their hearts a child-like spirit of wondrous belief.


Rajni Kumar

Chairperson, Patel Education Society

Springdales School, New Delhi.